Sunday, January 13, 2013

Advice and truisms from a 72 year old woman

"Never wear jewelry in San Jose."

"You can wear bikinis and shorts here, mi hija. We are not Indians! Just keep your nalgas in, oy, if my mother was brought back to life today she would instantly die of a heart attack at the first sight of what young people wear today. But it's okay. A lot has changed in 50 years. When I first came here there was no electricity. We used candles. Look at it now? I wonder what will change for you in the next fifty years? I bet by then everyone will just be naked all the time."

"How did you sleep last night? Did you sleep well? Could you hear the bats in the roof, the monkeys in the jungle? Did the roosters wake you? These are the reasons el campo is better than la ciudad- the sounds of the forest."

"It is better not to marry, but if you do, do not marry a man of god. Marry a godly man. Marry a man who strives to be the man god wants him to be. Any man can read the bible. Any man can go to church. All men are men of god because they were created by god, but not all men are godly men. A godly man will treat you right and not do you wrong. A man of god will cheat on you and leave you. A godly man will treat you how he wants to be treated. He will love you as much as he loves himself and as much as he loves god. Do not settle for less than you deserve. Every woman deserves a godly man. ¿Entiende mi hija?"

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